Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chicken with Morel Mushroom

Since discovering the joy of Morel mushrooms a few years ago while hiking at Camp St. Croix with an experienced camp employee, I have made a deal with myself.  Where I would previously have turned up my nose at the high price of the interesting looking mushrooms in the small basket that appears for a few short days at the local co-op I have agreed (with myself) that if I am lucky enough to be shopping on a day when these rare beauties are available I will buy them - no matter how tight the budget.

On Sunday I was planning on a quick trip to the market to grab a few items for dinner when I spotted them, the basket of Morels.   They are only available a few days out of the year and I usually find them after they are picked over, small and shriveled, if I get them at all.  This time they must have just been brought in this morning.  They are huge, soft, alive looking.  YUM!

The original recipe that I converted is from Robert Irvine at www.foodnetwork.com.  It was actually nightshade free to begin with but I made a few modifications anyway.   Not exactly a "healthy" or low cal, low fat recipe but was so yummy I wanted to lick the plate.  I have enough restrictions on my diet that I feel no guilt indulging in a luscious cream sauce occasionally.

Morel Mushrooms (1/2 -1 cup sliced)
5-6 chicken thighs (on the bone with skin)
4 tbsp butter
1 cup red wine
1 cup Swanson's Chicken Broth
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 lemon
Tinkyada Rice Spaghetti or Fettuccini
-italian parsley & parmesan to taste

  • preheat oven to 375
  • slice the morels in half and rinse to remove any dirt or bugs, pat dry and slice crosswise, set aside
  • sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper on both sides
  • heat 2 tbsp butter in large sauté pan on med
  • cook chicken skin side down for 8-10 min until browned
  • turn over and cook another 5 minutes
  • remove chicken and place in a baking dish - cook uncovered
  • add the remaining butter to sauté pan
  • add mushrooms and cook on low for 2-3 minutes
  • add wine, turn up to med and reduce
  • add chicken broth and cream, bring to gentle boil and cook, stirring frequently, until it thickens (5-10 min)
  • pour the sauce and mushroom mixture over the chicken and bake 25-35 minutes until chicken is done
while chicken is baking prepare 16 oz. noodles according to directions, drain and set aside

Toss noodles in a bowl with a enough sauce from the chicken to coat.  Place noodles and chicken on plate, spoon on sauce and top with parmesan and parsley.

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